LoginID FIDO-Passkeys strong authentication - Simple SDKs/APIs | The Big Dev Theory S3 | Ep.4| Show Notes

LoginID FIDO-Passkeys strong authentication - Simple SDKs/APIs

Published Aug 22, 2023

In this episode of The Big Dev Theory on Twitch, we are joined by Nereu Oliveira Senior Software Engineer at LoginID at LoginID

In this session, developers will learn how to seamlessly integrate FIDO-Passkeys into applications or services, creating a passwordless experience for customers via two core integration paths. This session will provide a comprehensive understanding of these integration paths. The first path will cover the technology, protocols, and security measures behind FIDO-Passkeys, enabling developers to confidently implement this authentication method. They'll also explore potential use cases and scenarios for enhancing both security and user convenience. The second path will guide developers in integrating FIDO-Passkeys into existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with current authentication mechanisms. This approach facilitates a smooth transition to a passwordless future, addressing compatibility and onboarding challenges.

The session will include practical demonstrations, code samples, and case studies, allowing developers to gain hands-on experience. Interactive discussions will provide opportunities for expert guidance from seasoned professionals in authentication and security. By the end of this session, developers will be well-prepared to leverage FIDO-Passkeys, transforming their applications or services into passwordless solutions that enhance user experience and strengthen security in the digital landscape. Join us in embracing the future with FIDO-Passkeys.

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Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

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