From Startup Security to AWS Success: Navigating the DevSecOps Journey | The Big Dev Theory | S3 | Ep.7 Show Notes

From Startup Security to AWS Success: Navigating the DevSecOps Journey

Published Sep 12, 2023

In this episode of The Big Dev Theory on Twitch, we are joined by Faroq Faisal, Sr Solution Architect for startups (AWS) and David Melamed, Co-Founder & CTO at JIT,AWS Community Builder

Join us on a three-part journey that demystifies best practices for securing a startup all while building a strong partnership with AWS. We'll start by tapping into the importance of security frameworks and why they're a necessity in today's digital landscape – even if they largely seem boring and theatrical when it comes to real security.Discover the concept of Minimal Viable Security (MVS) and learn how to securely bootstrap your startup's first AWS account. We'll take a practical example of the AWS SSB checklist that is tailored for startups and explain how it works and what you need to think about, then review more advanced frameworks like the AWS Maturity Model for a roadmap to enhanced security, and delve into the Well-Architected Framework, the main framework recommended by AWS for cloud security.

As we wrap up the session, we'll share firsthand insights and good practices for progressing towards co-selling with AWS (as rapidly as possible), armed with a robust security foundation. We hope this session will enable you to embark on a practical journey from startup security to AWS success through achievable goal-setting and real-world examples.

Each episode, we chat with AWS partners and bring experts with specialized knowledge in various areas of technology to provide informative and engaging live streams that help developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and tools.

Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

Adrian SanMiguel, Principal Solutions Architect, Strategic Partner Engagements @ AWS

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