Wicked Awesome Apps for Students Built with PartyRock

Wicked Awesome Apps for Students Built with PartyRock

Amazon's new AI tool, PartyRock, is both a fun and useful tool that you can use right now to help you get organized, study smarter, and become generally more productive as a student. Let's discover the top 10 most wicked awesome apps built with PartyRock for students!

Jen Looper
Amazon Employee
Published Nov 28, 2023
In Boston, USA, we have a local phrase that when something is really great, we say it's "wicked awesome". Said using the Boston accent, it sounds like "wickedahhhhsome". While you don't have to have the accent to use these apps, we bet that you'll still be able to appreciate the usefulness of some of these apps built using prompts in PartyRock.
Haven't yet tried PartyRock? What's stopping you? Login for free at partyrock.aws and, with just a few words, create useful apps, or perhaps some not-so useful apps. The sky's the limit!
While some creators have had a lot of fun building completely useless apps - I created for example an app to translate English sentences to Old French, I'm going to bet that you might be interested in some really useful tools to help you, as a student, become much more productive. So here are my top 10 picks, with authors credited.
  1. DormChef (jlooper): With just a few ingredients that happen to be in your dorm fridge, create a recipe so you don't go hungry tonight. With tofu, a pack of ketchup, and a can of diet coke, you can cook "Tofu and Ketchup Stir-Fry" for example.
  2. Path Craft (razvan): Input what you want to learn, how you like to learn, your skill level and available time to learn per week, and this app creates a learning program just for you.
    PartyRock creating a learning path
    Path Craft App
  3. Resume Optimizer (graffot): Input the description of the job you're seeking, and this tool gives you suggestions to tweak your LinkedIn profile in a way to demonstrate your fit for the role.
    Resume Optimizer PartyRock app
    Resume Optimizer fixes your LinkedIn description
  4. AWS Certification Planner (viktoria): Based on your career goals, this tool gives you a suggested AWS certification exam and offers a study guide.
  5. Productivity Booster (brianhhough): Use this tool to "help you prioritize your Todos, optimize your time, and help you crush your goals, objectives, and requirements. Leverage the power of AI on PartyRock by adding your list of ToDos into the Todos Loader, and then watch LLMs transform your list into a Prioritized Todos list, along with customized chatbots to help you crush your tasks (Utility Bot) and keep your energy peaked (Energy Booster Bot)."
  6. Virtual Meeting Background Generator (RocketPM): Still in online classes? Jazz up your background with this tool, which can take any thought or mood or concept and visualize it as a background to download. "Yale University Dorms" gave me the image below.
    Yale Dorms
    Yale Dorms, a Generated Image by PartyRock
  7. SkillUp: Your Learning and Career Roadmap (Tina): This full-featured app helps you plan for your future career by giving learning paths, possible certifications, projects for hands-on practice, a learning plan, and ideas for career growth. It's not just limited to technical skilling; the snapshotted link gives a good plan to become a French teacher, for example.
  8. Business Idea Evaluator (rpathangi): Think you're ready to startup? Ask this app first for a realistic analysis of the viability of your idea. This could be a real time-saver.
  9. Yoga Sequence Builder (krihak): Don't forget to stay fit! This useful app takes the time you want to dedicate to your yoga, the body area you want to target, and generates a nice yoga sequence for you. Useful!
  10. Prompt Engineering Tutorial (schuylr): The most meta app of all - a whole course built on Party Rock where you can practice prompt engineering to build great apps on your own - all by learning about prompt engineering in an environment powered by prompts! Go for it!
I hope these apps are useful to you. Now, go forth and create!

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Jen Looper is the Head of Academic Advocacy at AWS and manages a team within Developer Relations that curates the higher-ed student journey at AWS through great content, cool events, and a valuable community experience on campuses globally called Cloud Clubs. Learn more about Academic Advocacy's initiatives on our website.

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