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Generative AI Code Samples for Amazon Bedrock

bedrock launch
One-stop-shop to find the full list of Amazon Bedrock code examples featured on community.aws

Integrating Foundation Models into Your Code with Amazon Bedrock

bedrock launch
Discover Amazon Bedrock and learn how to easily integrate generative AI models from leading AI startups and Amazon into your applications.

Generative AI with Large Language Models

Gen AI with LLM course
DeepLearning.AI and AWS have jointly launched a new hands-on course Generative AI with large language models on Coursera’s education platform. Enroll today.

Install Amazon CodeWhisperer and Build Applications Faster Today

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You may have heard a lot of noise around Amazon CodeWhisperer recently. And for good reason. We are talking about a free AI-enabled tool that helps developers write code faster and get more done!

Generative AI - A Builders Guide

Road to Gen-AI
A practical overview of Generative AI - where it came from, where its going, how it works, and how to get started.

Build On Generative AI

Build On Generative AI logo
A weekly live stream about neural networks, content creation, and gradient descent at scale. Basically all things Generative AI.

The ABCs of Generative AI

ABCs of Gen-AI image
Whether you’re a builder without an AI/ML background, or you’re feeling like you’ve “missed the boat,” this glossary is for you!