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The Secrets of Agents

Are agents and agentic workflows taking over as the leading use case for generative AI? Let's take a look at agents...

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Generative AI Code Samples for Amazon Bedrock

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Build On Generative AI

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Your favorite weekly Twitch show, about all things Generative AI.

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Build an AWS Solutions Architect Agent with Amazon Bedrock
In this video, we’ll show you how to create an AWS Solutions Architect Agent tailored to your needs, using Amazon Bedrock’s secure and scalable platform.
Improve your Generative AI Application with RAG
In this video, Mike and Tiffany explain the fundamental principles of RAG to avoid hallucinations from your LLM applications.
5 Game-changing Generative AI Apps with Partyrock
In this video, Du’An Lightfoot (Senior Developer Advocate, AWS) is diving into the world of generative AI by exploring 5 unique apps.

Generative AI with Large Language Models

Gen AI with LLM course
DeepLearning.AI and AWS have jointly launched a new hands-on course Generative AI with large language models on Coursera’s education platform. Enroll today.

The ABCs of Generative AI

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Whether you’re a builder without an AI/ML background, or you’re feeling like you’ve “missed the boat,” this glossary is for you!