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Hello and welcome to the Livestreams space! Here you can find all the things related to your favorite AWS Twitch live show. Shows presented here are all happening live on Twitch.tv/aws, and are hosted by a cast of amazing people.
What's so special about these shows? πŸ€” πŸ€” Well, we are glad you asked. These shows are focusing on getting you the right technical content in the best way possible - by talking to you. Yes, these shows are all about showcasing technology, getting your questions answered, getting your feedback, and most importantly talking to you. So, if you are interested in learning from experts, having your voice herad, and hearing about AWS, The Cloud, Open Source, and anything in between - make sure to join the conversation in these shows Live on Twitch 🟣.
Besides the (bi-)weekly shows, you may also want to tune in to special Build On Live events - a quarterly multi-hour long stream events centered around a main technology topic, focusing on demos, code, architecture diagrams and practical use cases. If you wish to be informed on future events, you can stay connected with us here.
If you are interested in previous episodes and content, you can check out the links to the videos and the show notes for each episode right below here πŸ‘‡

Hungry for some On Demand Videos? πŸ€”

Interested in checking out how Amazon CodeWhisperer works? Looking to learn how generative AI can help you code? Make sure to check this series of videos by the most amazing Tiffany, over at the Build On AWS YouTube Channel. (Do not forget to hit like πŸ‘ and subscribe β™₯️).
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Stream with us

Have you built something interesting recently that you’d like to show the world about? Have you solved some niche, yet critical, aspect of the entire workflow for foundation models on AWS? Did you write a cool program to generate millions of images or anything in-between?
Join us as a guest speaker on our weekly Twitch show, Build on Generative AI. Every Monday at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST we cover new angles about foundation models on AWS. Last season, available here, covered 20+ topics across the entire lifecycle.
Submit your ideas HERE.