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A weekly live stream about neural networks, content creation, and gradient descent at scale. Basically all things Generative AI.

Build On Generative AI
You may have heard about Generative AI and you want to see it in action. You want to know if there is substance behind the hype. Maybe you want to see if there is anything real behind the claims, and you wanna see how far it can go. Well then - WELCOME 👋 Welcome to the Build on Generative AI show. Your favorite weekly Twitch show, about all things Generative AI. Every week we look at new technical and scientific patterns on AWS, inviting guest speakers to demo their work and show us how they built something new to improve the state of Generative AI.
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Hosts of the Show

Every week you can join in the conversation both on or off the air with your hosts, Darko, Mike and Tiffany:
Darko Mesaroš (Дарко Месарош), Senior Developer Advocate: Seattle, WA based resident retro hardware aficionado who loves yelling into the camera about the cloud while he learns, breaks and builds it. If you could summon him with one word it would be: Commodore 64. Talk with him on Twitter or LinkedIn.
Mike Chambers, Senior Developer Advocate: Brisbane, Australia, resident tea drinker and builder of Lego. Is he real or is he a GenAI model? We don't know, and we're not sure if it matters.
Tiffany Souterre, Senior Developer Advocate: Paris, France based resident passionate about Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you can mix that with science or video games and she can become overly enthusiastic. She also loves hosting the show with her four-legged pup Gypsy, also a tech lover!
If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, reach out to us. Feel free to send us an email at: build-on-generative-ai@amazon.com


Come learn live with us! We stream every Monday at 9am Pacific/Noon ET. Check us out on Twitch 👇
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EpisodeNameDateGuestLink to Show Notes
S03E01Season start2024-02-05Darko Mesaros, Mike Chambers, Tiffany SouterreShow notes
S03E02Voice to Code2024-02-12Martin CoulonShow notes
S03E03CodeWhisperer for command line2024-02-19Brendan FalkShow notes
S03E04PartyRock!2024-02-26Banjo ObayomiShow notes
S03E05Play Minecraft with an AI!2024-03-04Darko Mesaros, Tiffany SouterreShow notes
S03E06Enhancing your company with gen AI2024-03-11Martin MuellerShow notes
S03E07A Bedrock JIRA Agent2024-03-18Martyn KilbrydeShow notes
S03E08Secure your SaaS product by building a gen AI powered digital thread2024-03-25David MelamedShow notes
S03E09Add genAI to a Javascript Web App2024-04-01Elizabeth Fuentes, Ricardo CeciShow notes
S03E10No Python, No Problem: Gen AI for the rest of us2024-04-08Dennis TraubShow notes
S03E11Let’s tame the Polish language with LLMs2024-04-15Wojtek GawronskiShow notes
S03E12LLama-Index on AWS with SageMaker and Bedrock2024-04-22Davide GallitelliShow notes
S03E13RAG made easy using Bedrock2024-04-30Suman DebnathShow notes


EpisodeNameDateGuestLink to Show Notes
S02E01Let's look at Llama2, Falcon and more! New season start2023-08-14Emily WebberShow notes
S02E02Defining best for long context Language Models2023-08-21David BoundsShow notes
S02E04Streaming support on SageMaker endpoints2023-09-11Raghu RameshaShow notes
S02E05Mounting S3 Buckets to EC2 Instances2023-09-18Devabrat & JohnShow notes
S02E06Llama Recipes2023-09-25Matthias & SeanShow notes
S02E07Amazon Bedrock and Bias Mitigation for LLMs2023-10-02Mark RoyShow notes
S02E08Translating unstructured Documents to structured data2023-10-09Arlind NocajShow notes
S02E09Finding alignment in the world of Generative AI2023-10-16David BoundsShow notes
S02E10Chatting to your SageMaker Studio2023-10-23Ayush KhatriShow notes
S02E11Securing Amazon Bedrock2023-10-30Ram VittalShow notes
S02E12Advanced Text Summarization with Amazon Bedrock2023-11-06Justin MullerShow notes


EpisodeNameDateGuestLink to Video
S02E01Stable Diffusion on AWS2023-01-23Emily WebberLink to Recording
S02E02Image fine-tuning with DreamBooth2023-01-30Heiko HotzLink to Recording
S02E03Model parallelism2023-02-06Mani KhanujaLink to Recording
S02E04Large language model hosting2023-02-16Rupinder GrewalLink to Recording
S02E05End-to-End Generative AI2023-02-27Chris FregleyLink to Recording
S02E06Training with Trainium2023-03-06KC Tung & LoreaLink to Recording
S02E07Call center analytics2023-03-13Babu Srinivasan & Chris LottLink to Recording
S02E08Hyper Parameter Tuning2023-03-20JoaoLink to Recording
S02E09Generative AI as a Service2023-03-27Joao MouraLink to Recording
S02E10Foundation Models on SageMaker2023-04-03Arun ShankarLink to Recording
S02E11Retrieval Augmented Generation2023-04-10Emily WebberLink to Recording
S02E12Stable Diffusion on Trainium2023-04-17KC TungLink to Recording
S02E13Open Source LLM Evaluation with HELM2023-04-24Gili NachumLink to Recording
S02E14AI Code Generation with Amazon CodeWhisperer2023-05-01David ErnstLink to Recording
S02E15TensorBoard and SageMaker2023-05-08Arun LokanathaLink to Recording
S02E16Generative AI with AI21 Labs2023-05-15Yuval BelferLink to Recording
S02E17Reinforcement learning with Human Feedback2023-05-22EKLink to Recording
S02E18Using Python scripts in SageMaker2023-05-29Guiseppe A. PorcelliLink to Recording
S02E19Generating Anime Characters2023-06-12Jerry XieLink to Recording
S02E20Detect and Mitigate Bias in NLP2023-06-26Bharati SriniLink to Recording