Let’s tame the Polish language with LLMs - S03 E11 - Build On Generative AI

Let’s tame the Polish language with LLMs - S03 E11 - Build On Generative AI

Discover how to make a chatbot with other languages than english with our guest Wojtek !

Amazon Employee
Published Apr 22, 2024
In this episode, Wojtek is showing us how to tackle the problem of LLMs and local languages. Picture this: you have a brilliant idea for a product needing a conversational user interface - or a chatbot. As a builder, you know that Large Language Models (LLMs) can help you tackle such challenges effectively. There is only one caveat: your idea requires that conversations should happen in your local language.
In the technology world, we live in an English-centric landscape. If our products fit that definition or are built to be operated by tech-savvy people, it's easy to forget that other languages are needed. At the same time, technology should - and is - helping us to battle such challenges and gaps. There are models available already on the market that provide multilingual capabilities. So, how hard or easy would it be to cover a non-English language requirement? Let's give it a try.
Wojtek chose the polish language for this project. It's a choice in the middle, in terms of popularity. Depending on the source, this language is around 25-30th place worldwide with a total population estimated around 44-45 million people. The goal of this project, then, is to explore how challenging it will be to build a chatbot that will communicate in polish.
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