Resilient Cloud Architecture

Resilience keeps your applications running despite faults or load spikes. Learn how to build resilient applications on AWS with these resources.

Resilience mental model

AWS home page for resilience

AWS Cloud Resilience: Build and run resilient, highly available applications in the AWS cloud

Upcoming live events

AWS Architectural Resilience Days are free, in-person events that help AWS customers learn about architectural best practices, services, and strategies that will help them improve resilience of their workloads. During these events, customers will attend interactive talks and participate in hands-on workshops. Check for upcoming events and register here.


New resilience features launched at re:Invent 2023
AWS Fault Injection Service, New Scenarios for AZs and AWS Regions

Resilience foundations

If you are not sure where to start, then start with these resources:
  • A brief introduction to resilience with lots of links so yo can learn more.
  • Five key stages you should follow, each with strategies, services, and mechanisms to improve your resilience posture
  • The home for all the best practices you need to build resilient workloads in the cloud.
  • A resilience analysis framework that provides a consistent way to analyze failure modes and how they could impact your workloads