PartyRock! | S03 E04 | Build On Generative AI

PartyRock! | S03 E04 | Build On Generative AI

Let's discover how you can build generative AI apps with Partyrock and its Hackaton with Banjo Obayomi!

Amazon Employee
Published Feb 27, 2024
In this episode Banjo is showing us PartyRock, a tool that allows you to build AI apps without writing a line of code! Discover how you can build entire apps with widgets that generate outputs such as text or images as inputs for other widgets and so on! You can then publish your app publicly so anyone can access it!
PartyRock demo
There is currently a PartyRoch Hackaton! Be creative and submit your own application by March 12th to potentially win cash prizes! Want to learn more about the PartyRock Hackaton? Click ==> here <==
Also in the News section, Mike tolds us about Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8x7B, that have just launched on Amazon Bedrock. Learn more in his blog post Mistral AI - Winds of Change.
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