Looking at LLama2, Falcon and More | S02 E01 | Build On Generative AI

Time to kickoff season 2 of your favorite Generative AI show on Twitch. Today Emily and Darko look at a few imporat Large Language Models out there

Darko Mesaros
Darko Mesaros
Amazon Employee
Published Aug 14, 2023

Screenshot of the llama2 training diagram
Training of Llama 2-Chat

Welcome to season 2 of Build On Generative AI! 🎉 Yes, we have heard you, and we will continue with our show, every Monday at 9AM PST/Noon EST/18h CET 👏 Today, Emily and Darko are kicking off the new season by talking about Large Language Models (duh!), and more specifically about LLama2 the latest LLM coming out of Meta!

Emily and Darko look into the paper behind LLama2, and evaluate the model. Lastly, as is tradition - we go ahead and actually deploy the model using SageMaker Jumpstart and see it live in action.

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