What’s prompt hacking ? | S03 E016 | Build On Generative AI

What’s prompt hacking ? | S03 E016 | Build On Generative AI

Let's dive deeper into prompt engineering with prompt hacking!

Tiffany Souterre
Amazon Employee
Published Jun 6, 2024
You've probably heard about prompt engineering, a way to craft your prompt so it influences the output of an LLM. Here let's take prompt engineering to the next level and explore the world of prompt hacking. Prompt hacking is a term used to describe attacks that exploit vulnerabilities of LLMs, by manipulating their inputs or prompts. We'll see different prompt hacking techniques such as Prompt injection, prompt leaking and jailbreaking. We'll also see defensive measures such as filtering, sandwich defense, XML tagging, random sequence enclosure... Finally we'll see how you can easily implement those defensive measures with Amazon Guardrails.
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