Exciting Breakout Sessions to Explore from AWS re:Invent 2023

Exciting Breakout Sessions to Explore from AWS re:Invent 2023

Below is my list of the top breakout sessions from re:Invent 2023.

Published Dec 3, 2023
At AWS re:Invent 2023, a lot of groundbreaking insights and innovations related to cloud computing were shared. Among the various tracks, the Breakout Sessions were particularly noteworthy.
In this blog post, I will share my list of the top 56 AWS breakout sessions that covered various aspects of AWS services.
This year, I'm interested in exploring different topics such as platform engineering, internal developer platforms, generative AI, serverless computing, FinOps and cost optimization, cloud architecture, cloud transformation, and migration, observability, and monitoring.
So, let's dive into the sessions and explore the highlights!

1- Getting started building serverless SaaS architectures
2- Refactoring to serverless
3- Building Serverlesspresso: Creating event-driven architectures
4- Developing serverless solutions
5- Introducing Amazon ElastiCache Serverless
6- Unlocking serverless web applications with AWS Lambda Web Adapter
7- AWS storage for serverless application development
8- How to create a serverless center of excellence

9- Continuous integration and delivery for AWS
10- Self-service infrastructure is no longer a dream

11- How GitHub operationalizes AI for team collaboration and productivity
12- Deploy gen AI apps efficiently at scale with serverless containers
13- Generative AI for decision-makers
14- Build your first generative AI application with Amazon Bedrock
15- Building an AWS solutions architect agent with Amazon Bedrock
16- Building a cloud-backed generative AI game in 60 minutes
17- Elevate your security investigations using generative AI
18- Prompt engineering best practices for LLMs on Amazon Bedrock
19- Accelerate DevOps with generative AI and Amazon CodeCatalyst
20- Boost developer productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer

21- Best practices for operating on AWS

22- A developer’s guide to cloud networking
23- AWS networking foundations

24- Stripe: Architecting for observability at massive scale
25- Building observability to increase resiliency
26- Building an effective observability strategy
27- Implementing application observability

28- event-driven patterns with Amazon EventBridge
29- SaaS DevOps deep dive: Automating multi-tenant deployments
30- Building cost-optimized multi-tenant SaaS architectures

31- The future of Amazon EKS
32- New era of IaC: Effective Kubernetes management with cdk8s

33- Mercedes-Benz Aftersales: A cloud-first transformation
34- Transforming deployment: Deep dive into Backstage on AWS
35- Backup and disaster recovery strategies for increased resilience
36- Cloud Migration Strategy

37- Scaling FinOps with a holistic approach to resource optimization
38- Making dollars and sense out of FinOps
39- FinOps tips for optimizing your cloud infrastructure and data costs

40- AWS Amplify: Scale your web and mobile app development and delivery
41- What’s new for web & mobile app developers with AWS Amplify

42- Dive deep into Amazon DynamoDB

43- AWS storage for serverless application development
44- What’s new with Amazon S3

45- Platform engineering with Amazon EKS
46- How to build a platform that developers love

47- How to control bots and help prevent account fraud using AWS WAF
48- Scaling on AWS for the first 10 million users
49- Capacity, availability, cost efficiency: Pick three
50- How the Bundesliga adopts an agile and cross-functional data strategy

51- What’s new with AWS governance and compliance

52- Customer insights: Apple app development with Amazon EC2 Mac instances

53- Accelerate insights using Amazon CloudWatch Logs ML-powered analytics

54- What is the path to becoming a cloud solutions architect?

55- Building APIs: Choosing the best API solution & strategy for workloads

56- Test automation for .NET applications running on AWS
If you're interested in watching the entire playlist, you can find it here.
Thanks AWS for sharing these videos. I couldn't attend AWS re:Invent this year, but I hope to make it next year :)
Happy building!