AWS Goodies - April 15, 2024

AWS Goodies - April 15, 2024

A daily collection of interesting AWS content from around the web

Jeff Barr
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 15, 2024
Last week I started to share a daily list of interesting AWS content to my LinkedIn audience. Now that I provided to myself that I can find and curate enough content to do this 3 or 4 times a week, I am happy to expand to community.aws .
I had a wonderful weekend that included a long walk on a beach, fresh oysters, and time with my children and grandchildren. Even though I try to stay off of social media on the weekend, I did encounter quite a few goodies!
AWS IAM Identity Center Streamlined Access - You can now use IAM Identity Center to create shareable shortcut links that go directly to a specific part of the AWS Management Console with a specific permission set and a specific AWS account. Read the What's New to learn more.
She Loves Tech - Barsha Bhandari announced that registration is now open for the She Loves Tech fellowship. Organized by the AWS User Group Women in Tech Nepal, the program offers mentorship, training, networking, and resources to empower women in tech and entrepreneurs.
She Loves Tech
Using Multiple AWS Accounts for Personal Projects - Chris Ebert wrote a blog post to share his perspective on this topic, for situations where AWS Control Tower and AWS Organizations might be a bit too heavyweight.
Using multiple AWS accounts for personal projects
Lambda CLI Cheat Sheet - Tobias Schmidt shared a very handy (and beautifully formatted) cheat sheet to document the AWS Lamba Command Line Interface (CLI).
AWS Lambda CLI Cheat Sheet (partial)
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Full Stack TypeScript with AWS CDK - Tomasz Łakomy published a new course, Full Stack TypeScript with AWS Cloud Development Kit v2. As the description says:
In this course, Tomasz Łakomy will guide you through using TypeScript to complete the lifecycle of an application powered by AWS CDK v2. You'll see how to start a project, develop it locally, deploy it globally, and then tear it all down when you're done.
Generative AI Guide - My colleague Viktoria Semaan shared "the most comprehensive visual guide to Generative AI" and a video explainer that goes along with it, both produced by Henrik Kniberg:
And that's all for today - stay tuned for more goodies tomorrow!

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