Introducing Amazon Q: A Generative AI-Powered Assistant

Introducing Amazon Q: A Generative AI-Powered Assistant

Amazon Q is a generative AI-powered assistant designed for work. It’s a new offering from AWS that can be tailored to your business.

Published Jan 29, 2024
Last Modified Mar 4, 2024

How Does Amazon Q Work?

Amazon Q leverages the data and expertise found in your company’s information repositories, code, and enterprise systems. When you chat with Amazon Q, it provides immediate, relevant information and advice. It can help streamline tasks, speed decision-making, and spark creativity and innovation at work.

What Can Amazon Q Do?

Amazon Q can help you get fast, relevant answers to pressing questions, solve problems, generate content, and take actions. It can simplify common tasks such as summarizing long documents, generating email or article drafts, conducting topic research, or performing comparative analysis.

How Does Amazon Q Benefit Businesses?

Amazon Q can help reduce the time employees spend on repetitive tasks such as filling out work orders or creating new cases. It can also assist with daily tasks such as resolving errors or optimizing code to improve performance.

How Secure is Amazon Q?

Amazon Q understands and respects your existing identities, roles, and permissions, and uses this information to personalize its interactions. If a user doesn’t have access to certain data without Amazon Q, they won’t be able to access it with Amazon Q either. Amazon Q was built with security and privacy in mind, aiming to help customers meet their strictest enterprise requirements.

Using Amazon Q in the AWS Management Console

  • Log into the console: Navigate to Amazon Q.
Main Page
  • Create generative AI application: Name your application, select your retriever, and configure data sources.
Step 1 - Create application
Step 2 - Select native retriever
Step 3 - Select data sources
Application is created successfully
  • Enhance application (optional): Add plugins, configure global controls, and define topic guardrails.
  • Customize web experience: Preview and customize the end-user web experience to verify readiness to deploy.
  • Deploy web experience: Configure access controls by defining an identity provider and share the URL with your team.
  • Ask Amazon Q a question: Click the Amazon Q icon in the console Home on the right sidebar to get started.
Amazon Q is currently in Preview


Welcome to a new world of work with Amazon Q. It’s not just an AI assistant; it’s a business expert that can help you explore new services, learn unfamiliar technologies, build solutions, discover problems, and upgrade applications. With Amazon Q, the future of work is here.