AI Based SEO Recommendation Engine using PartyRock

AI Based SEO Recommendation Engine using PartyRock

AI-powered recommendation engine to get tailored suggestions for meta tags, headers, page titles, URLs, and more to optimize for On-Page SEO.

Sambit Bhattarai
Amazon Employee
Published Dec 15, 2023
The Why and Benefits: A Revolution in On-Page SEO Meta Tags Recommendations
In the digital era, a strong online search engine presence is crucial, and SEO plays a pivotal role for it. Recognizing this, I developed a tool that enables writers to craft SEO-friendly content effortlessly, ensuring better organic search engine presence and rankings by providing AI driven Meta Titles, Keywords, Descriptions, headers (H1-H3), Page Title, and URL structure. This SEO engine is a game-changer for teams, saving time and reducing the need for in-depth SEO knowledge.
PartyRock Meets SEO - Try : SEO Page Optimization PartyRock App
As a proud member of the AWS family, I am thrilled to share my latest creation - a SEO On-Page Optimization Recommendation Engine, powered by PartyRock and Amazon Bedrock. This tool is a testament to the power and ease of PartyRock, designed to empower content writers at every skill level to create SEO-optimized content and SEO Meta Tags.
On-Page SEO Meta Tags Recommendation Engine Built on PartyRock
Harnessing Amazon's AI capabilities, this advanced tool offers targeted SEO advice. It covers all bases - Meta Titles, Keywords, Descriptions, Headers (H1-H3), Page Titles, and URL structures, aligning with Google's SEO guidelines for maximum impact.
My Journey in Building the SEO Engine in PartyRock
As an AI novice and non-technical builder, this project was a leap into the unknown. However, the intuitive nature of PartyRock and Bedrock, combined with the support of my AI mentor, Du'An Lightfoot - The Rockstar, made it possible. PartyRock platform is very robust and easy to use, it only took me a few hours to build this SEO recommendation engine - I am impressed!
How to Use This SEO recommendation Engine
  • Access the Tool: Visit my AI Driven SEO Page Optimization Engine PartyRock App.
    (You need to signup/Sign In to use this app)
  • Input Your Data:
    • a. Enter the Website Domain. (Used in recommending the meta title tag)
      Input Domain Required_PartyRock SEO
    • b. Paste your content or its URL. (Content input delivers better results)
      Input Content Required PartyRock SEO
  • Boom! Experience the magic as the tool generates SEO recommendations.
    • If needed, use the “retry” button for any unpopulated fields.
  • Outputs from the PartyRock AI SEO Recommendation Engine:
    • Page Title: Suggests the main title for the page content.
    • Page URL: Recommends an SEO-friendly URL slug.
    • AI Chatbot for this App: Incorporates an automated conversational agent.
    • Meta Title: Provides a focused title for search engines.
    • Meta Description: Generates a brief summary for search engine result pages.
    • Meta Keywords: Identifies specific keywords for SEO.
    • H1 Header: Suggests the primary heading for the web page.
    • H2 Header: Advises on a subheading under the H1 topic.
    • H3 Header: Proposes a tertiary heading for detailed content structure.
    • Summary: Offers an overview of all the recommendations.
    • Fun Images Based on Your Query: Generates visual interpretations (for fun).
      Random Example for a Community :)
      PartyRock SEO Engine
Limitations and Disclaimers
While URL inputs provide basic SEO recommendations, it's important to follow Google's established guidelines closely.
Using “URL” as input will recommend outputs only based on the URL parameters, hence the output is not as robust when compared to using “content” as the input.
While there's no guarantee of any improvement in SEO rankings, judicious application of these suggestions can be beneficial. It's crucial to integrate these page-level recommendations with the broader site optimization strategies and ensure that each page features unique meta tags, tailored to its specific content and purpose.
Conclusion: My Contribution to the AWS Community
This tool is my contribution to the growing Community.AWS. It embodies our principles of Frugality, Invent and Simplify, and Customer Obsession. As we expand our content creation, this tool will be invaluable for our community of technical builders, helping them quickly generate and validate SEO-friendly content. Also, I have made my AI Driven SEO Page Optimization Engine PartyRock App open to “Remix” , so feel free to try it out!
Happy SEO to all at Community.AWS! Let's continue to grow and innovate together.
This blog post reflects my personal journey and insights working with Amazon's PartyRock AI,
while building this SEO Recommendation Engine, and is not an official statement from Amazon.

Any opinions in this post are those of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of AWS.