Amazon SQS FIFO Queue Redrive Option Available

This new feature is a significant improvement for building scalable and reliable distributed applications using SQS FIFO queues.

Published Jan 17, 2024
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) serves as a fully managed message queuing service that simplifies the process of decoupling and scaling microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. SQS FIFO queues offer a unique feature known as redrive, which aids in the automatic redelivery of messages that have failed to be consumed by consumers and sent to a dead-letter queue.
Prior Redrive Support
Traditionally, SQS FIFO queues only supported redrive for standard queues. This meant that there was not an easy way to redrive messages from FIFO DLQ back to the source queue.
This was the reason for me back in the time to develop and promote to the public a Lambda function that was serving the use case when we wanted to redrive multiple SQS messages back to the original queue. https://dev.to/aws-builders/automating-redrive-from-dlq-for-fifo-sqs-queue-od8
Introducing FIFO Dead-Letter Queue Redrive
AWS has recently announced support for FIFO dead-letter queue redrive. This new capability has been long waited by enthusiasts like me.
Previously, as I mentioned a Lambda function was required to manage redrive for FIFO queues. However, with the new redrive feature, this is no longer necessary. This simplifies the configuration and reduces operational overhead.
Configuring Redrive
You can configure redrive for a FIFO queue using the AWS Management Console, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or the Amazon SQS API.
Here is an example of how to configure redrive using the AWS Management Console:
  • Navigate to the Amazon SQS console and select the FIFO queue for which you want to configure redrive.
  • Click on the Edit Queue button.
  • In the Redrive settings section, select the Enable dead-letter queue option.
  • Select the Custom destination option and enter the ARN of the queue or destination that you want to redeliver messages to.
  • Click on the Save queue button.
The new redrive feature for FIFO queues represents a significant improvement over the previous approach. It is simpler to configure and use, and it offers greater flexibility. This makes it a valuable tool for developing scalable and reliable distributed applications.