Enhanced Broadcasting | S3 E03 | Streaming on Streaming

Enhanced Broadcasting | S3 E03 | Streaming on Streaming

In this episode, we're joined by Brad Hughes to learn all about Enhanced Broadcasting.

Todd Sharp
Amazon Employee
Published Jan 31, 2024

Enhanced Broadcasting on Twitch!

What's Enhanced Broadcasting you may ask? To quote the launch blog post:
Enhanced Broadcasting provides two critical capabilities to streamers. First, it will create multiple encodings of your stream using dedicated encoder resources in your GPU. Having multiple encodes allows the video encoding to occur on your streaming device at multiple resolutions. Thanks to the dedicated encoders on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, this will result in a higher quality stream and reduced latency for all resolutions without impacting your streaming experience. Second, this capability will provide an automatic configuration option for OBS that will optimize your settings based upon the processing power of your computer and your upload bandwidth. Automatic configuration relieves the burden on you to get your settings right in OBS. No need for trial and error offline with bitrate and other technical settings. Once enabled you can feel confident you’ve got the right settings to create a great experience for your community.
Brad schools us on various topics like "what is transcoding?" and why this is better for the Twitch community. Check out the VOD to learn much more!

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