How can Generative AI help you build a DevSecOps Chat bot

How can Generative AI help you build a DevSecOps Chat bot

You can create a chatbot to solve your use cases within couple of hours.

Mohit Gadkari
Amazon Employee
Published Jan 19, 2024
Due to lack of time/resources, DevSecOps Engineers are often not able to triage quickly enough. What if you had a chatbot customized for your environment’s use case?
This would help you find a solution quickly and give you back valuable development hours. With more time on your hands, you can rapidly innovate for your business.
So take a look at this workshop, where we will demonstrate how you can create a chatbot using AI-powered AWS services that will help engineers solve common challenges like how to securely store your application’s secrets or how to create a new Disaster Recovery environment.
In this workshop, we would use Amazon Bedrock for ease to deploy Foundational Models, Amazon Kendra as vector database along with Amazon S3 as content repo.
You can also self deploy this workshop - https://catalog.us-east-1.prod.workshops.aws/workshops/75a20314-5e15-4246-9352-3643d9dafc43

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