Becoming AWSome Featuring Yudhajeet Dasgupta, Solutions Architect Manager, Space & Satellite

Becoming AWSome Featuring Yudhajeet Dasgupta, Solutions Architect Manager, Space & Satellite

Shoot for the stars in this episode delving into the Space & Satellite Solutions Architect organization.

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 1, 2024
Last Modified Mar 13, 2024
"Becoming AWSome" featured Yudhajeet Dasgupta, a Solutions Architect Manager for the Space & Satellite Team at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ray Thomas & Jenna Lass were not in their usual studio as they were at a large conference in DC that week, going live right outside the main conference hall!
The discussion centered on the exciting developments in space technology and the role of AWS in supporting these advancements. Yudhajeet highlighted the unique aspects of working in the space industry, emphasizing the blend of technical challenges and creative problem-solving required in this field. He shared his personal journey, from building a CubeSat as a student to leading projects at AWS, and how this experience has shaped his approach to technology and innovation.
Yudhajeet also discussed the qualities he looks for in candidates for his team, stressing the importance of a strong technical background in IT infrastructure and cloud solutions, as well as a genuine passion for the space industry. He clarified that while direct experience in space technology is not a prerequisite, an enthusiasm for learning and contributing to the field is crucial. The conversation also touched on the supportive work environment at AWS, where team members are encouraged to challenge the status quo and contribute to groundbreaking projects.

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