AI-driven Database Optimization | The Big Dev Theory | S1 | Ep.1

AI-driven Database optimization: meet EverSQL by Aiven

Stuart Clark
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 12, 2024
In this episode of The Big Dev Theory on Twitch, we are joined by Francesco Tisiot Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven. The cloud™ made database hosting boring: nowadays everyone can spin up a DB in minutes and have it always running. However the workload optimization is still on humans: we need to monitor the performance, identify anomalies, evaluate options, and perform changes to live environments.
What if we could have some AI-driven assistance? Enter EverSQL by Aiven, a company offering AI-driven database workload optimization! In this livestream we’ll start with an Amazon RDS instance, then showcase how the EverSQL sensor could be installed to monitor the slow performing queries and finally use the AI-driven EverSQL capabilities to optimize a query during the live show.

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Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS
Shannon Brazil, Incident Responder, CIRT @AWS

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