AWS PartyRock: Anyone Can Build AI App

AWS PartyRock: Anyone Can Build AI App

Turn your AI dreams into reality and build your first AI App with Amazon's PartyRock, no coding required!

Published Jan 29, 2024
Imagine a world where anyone, not just coding wizards, can wield the power of generative AI to build cool and creative apps. Well, stop imagining, because PartyRock, the brainchild of Amazon Bedrock, has arrived!
I was amazed to discover that I could create an AI application capable of understanding my music preferences better than I do myself! And the best part? No coding is required. Isn't that cool?
Now, anyone, regardless of their coding skills, can create their own generative AI application.

How Does It Work

PartyRock uses foundation models from Amazon Bedrock to turn all your ideas and imaginations into amazing apps without coding and effort.
You can build three types of apps from the partyrock.
1. Text Generation
2. Chatbot
3. Image Generation
For "Text Generation and Chatbot", currently, PartyRock supports the following models:
  • Claude
  • Claude Instant
  • Titan Text Lite
  • Titan Text Express
  • Jurassic-2 Mid
  • Jurassic-2 Ultra
  • Command
While for "Image Generation" it only supports Stable Diffusion XL.


PartyRock has a playground-like interface where you can build your app using various widgets and it provides the following features:
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Pre-built widgets like "User Input" and "Placeholder"
  • Access cutting-edge AI models like Claude
  • Discover and remix existing PartyRock apps
  • Generate text formats like poems, scripts, musical pieces, emails, and more
  • Share your creations with others

App Gallery

You can kickstart your creativity with a bunch of pre-made app ideas that you can not only explore but also remix according to your own needs. These apps cover a wide range, from pure fun to super practical. Let's get those gears turning!
App Gallery

Although all the apps are up to mark and amazing, some of the apps that I used and found very useful are as follows:
  1. Text Rewriter: This app lets you rewrite text in a different style. Just type some text and select a style, and the bot will rewrite it for you.
  2. Costume Theme Designer: Design a costume for a school's book week based on a theme you provide.
  3. Song Suggestator: Recommend songs you can learn on your instrument based on what you like and your skill level

Building App In PartRock

There are three ways to build an app in the AWS Partyrock:
1. Start with a prompt
2. Start with an empty app
3. Remix an app
First things first, you need to log in (or register if you're new) to an Amazon PartyRock account. Then, you can kick things off by going to "My Apps" and there you can click on "Generate App". Let's explore building an app from scratch in detail.

The App Builder tab is your command center. It's where your app starts coming to life as you pour your ideas into it. The App Builder's job is to turn these concepts into reality.
For example, you will provide a detailed prompt about what your app will do and what kind of features it can have. Once you provide a clear and detailed instruction about your app, then you click on "Generate App". That's it!
In my case, I want an app that can help me clear my certification in 3 months, so I need a structured learning plan for certification preparation. With a single prompt, it tailors the app to my liking and requirements.
Build App With Prompt
The core feature of this app is all about certification planning. PartyRock dives into its collection of AI models and picks out a text generation model for me. It's a fascinating blend of imagination and tech.
It automatically creates a field to capture user input regarding the exams they want to clear and the time they can dedicate. Once the user fills in this information, it provides a detailed plan.
Certification App Output
The best part is that it creates an AWS Certification Coach as well, so if you have any queries related to certification and the learning plan, you can ask the coach.
Certification App Coach

If you're beginning your application journey on PartyRock, you don't necessarily have to start with a prompt in the App Builder tab. Instead, you can start from a blank canvas.
In the app canvas, you will find widgets, and each widget consists of the following features:
  • User Input: The input you want the user to provide to your app.
  • Static Text: The text you want to display to the user, can be guidelines or FAQs.
  • Model Selection: You can select the type of model you want for your app.
App Canvas

In each widget setting, you can also find advanced settings that consist of the following:
  1. Temperature: It is used to adjust the randomness of outputs, greater than 1 is random and 0 is deterministic, 0.75 is a good starting value.
  2. Top P: When decoding output, samples from the top p percentage of most likely tokens; lower to ignore less likely tokens.


Once the design is set, you test everything in PartyRock's sandbox environment. This step is crucial to ensure the generated text is spot-on and realistic. After thorough testing, you can decide to bring my app into the world. All you need to do is to click on "Make Public and Share" in the top right corner.


PartyRock is free to use right now. You can create apps and run them until your Backstage page shows that you’ve used 100 percent of your PartyRock credit. To Check how much you have used, you can navigate to "My App" to see the used credit percentage.

Business Benefits

Businesses, depending on their specific goals and needs, can benefit from leveraging the targeted AI models offered by PartyRock. These models can significantly enhance customer experience streamline operations, streamline operations, and keep businesses competitive in the digital age.
Some of the useful that can be crafted for businesses:
  • Personalized email marketing campaigns, creating engaging subject lines and content.
  • Deploying chatbots for collecting feedback and conducting surveys helps businesses gather essential insights from customers, aiding in the improvement of their products and services.
The possibilities are endless with PartyRock, You only need Imagination!


To put it simply, PartyRock offers a hands-on experience where you can dive into prompt engineering, create small apps, and share your creations with friends, all without any coding or the hassle of creating an AWS account. Plus, as a special promotion, AWS is currently providing new PartyRock users with a complimentary trial period, and there's no need to enter credit card details. So why wait? Begin crafting your Generative AI app with PartyRock today.