Amazon Q sync URLs

Amazon Q sync URLs

Let's explore more AmazonQ

Published Jan 30, 2024
This is my first post in the aws community. I tried some of the newest features from AWS, namely Amazon Q, and I think the features make me want to try them.
Let's try it straight away, but first you must have an account on AWS Cloud Service.
1. Searching in the search pool with the sentence "Amazon Q" as shown in the image below. Get Started will then go to the Amazon Q dashboard page.

2. Fill in all forms and create as shown in the image below. For the application name, please adjust it.

3. Retrievers, you can choose native or existing ones and the provisioning index can be filled in with 1 (number) or more.
4. Connect Data sources, here you can retrieve data from Amazon S3, web crawler and upload files in PDF form. Of course there are many from other sources too. Please check the image below.
5. Connect Data sources, now I try to retrieve the data source from the website by selecting Source URLs. Please check the image below.
6. Connect Data sources, here I took from 2 URLs. Please follow the steps in the image below and then add source data.
7. Next, you return to the Amazon Q dashboard and find the name of your application, here I use the name my-ayodooerp.
8. Next, open the name of your application and edit what you want. After that, please save.
  1. These are some of my test results. Below, an issue occurs, namely the data source from the URL is not yet in sync.
  2. It's Now Synchronized and usable.
Thank you for reading my blog this time. Good luck trying Amazon Q. From my side, I still have homework, namely how to implement this application on the website from Amazon Q? So we'll meet again next time.