Becoming AWSome Featuring Harrison Sherwin

Becoming AWSome Featuring Harrison Sherwin

Technical Instructor journey, dogs, dungeons & dragons and ID&E award

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 1, 2024
Last Modified Mar 13, 2024
"Becoming AWSome" featured Harrison Sherwin, a Technical Instructor and Team Lead at AWS. Ray Thomas and Jenna Lass, delved into Harrison's journey into technical training, his passion for teaching, and his methods for helping students achieve "aha" moments in understanding complex concepts. He emphasized the importance of adapting teaching methods to suit diverse learning styles. Harrison shared his personal story of how he accidentally fell into technical training, his love for helping people understand technology, and the thrill of witnessing learners' breakthrough moments.
Harrison also discussed the challenges and joys of his hybrid role at AWS, combining technical training with team leadership. He highlighted the importance of staying updated with evolving technologies and balancing expertise across various AWS services. The discussion touched on his personal interests outside of work, including his love for dogs, pursuing a computer science degree, and his enthusiasm for board games, card games, and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.
The podcast ended with a discussion on AWS's commitment to training and certification, the challenges of maintaining a 'day one' mentality in a growing organization, and the recognition of Kristian Scotty Haughton's contributions to diversity and inclusion initiatives.
Harrison Sherwin

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And here's a pic of Amazon's Diversity & Inclusion Champion, Scotty!


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