Learning System Design with PartyRock

Learning System Design with PartyRock

Learn system design, AWS services and apply AWS well architected framework - all from one interactive learning module built on PartyRock!

Published Feb 3, 2024
I am relatively new to the AWS world. There is a lot to learn. The community is amazing. There is so much great content out there. The challenge lies in crafting a learning plan that works for you, one that gets you interested with the right mix of theory and practice.
What I tried doing with this app was to consolidate different ideas in the solution architect world by illustrating it with an easy to understand example and use the same example to learn various concepts such as AWS services, AWS well-architected framework, system design fundamentals, by starting with the basics (i.e. 3 tier architecture) and gradually progressing to more complex designs such as event-driven and microservices architecture.
My aspiration with this learning module is to help a newbie in AWS to explore and compare options and to connect the dots, so that it can help them make progress - to get their next AWS certification or to prepare for that upcoming interview or to even prepare for an upcoming customer solutioning call - the possibilities are endless!
Looking ahead, it would be kind of cool if partyrock could also design a colorful system design architecture (in real time) to go with the explanations!
Here's a snapshot of the app (with how to design a cake app as input) - https://partyrock.aws/u/dayvee/s1G7Gke9Q/Learn-System-Design-with-AWS/snapshot/JYKPHhbm9
Here's the app link to try out your own apps- https://partyrock.aws/u/dayvee/s1G7Gke9Q/Learn-System-Design-with-AWS