Create Any AI App using Partyrock

Create Any AI App using Partyrock

Partyrock enables anyone to easily build AI apps with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Both seasoned developers and beginners can use Partyrock's powerful tools to bring ideas to life.

Published Feb 4, 2024
When I try to think what app I should make, my brain can't function very well, so that's why I make a partyrock app that can make a partyrock app prompt, which then can make an app automatically. But before creating that, I create multiple apps manually. This some of the apps I make:
Generate a description from title
When I create an article in community.aws, I trying to think what description I should put. Then I have an idea to make a description generator app using partyrock. This is how I made it: I create a user input widget and I create a text generation widget. For the generation widget, I put this setting to easily create a description based on my title:
generate description prompt
With this configuration, when I input my title into the user input widget, this is what I got:
generated description
Crazy times we live in, right? Anyway, you can use my app here https://partyrock.aws/u/koisose/eyIULeWnZ/generate-a-description-from-title. The second app I create is basically a chat widget that can be asked anything. So when I create this blog, I also don't know what I should answer about these two questions:
So then I create an app that can help me answer those questions. This is my prompt and the answer:
Beautiful, isn't it? Of course I won't use that as my answer, it's just an example of how powerful Partyrock is. I will answer how my project can impact the community from my heart. So that is two of my projects that I created before. Next I will create an app that can create a prompt to create Partyrock apps easily. First I make a chatbot with a prompt like this:
pick only one of these categories, and based on categories, create an application title, only answer with application title without any explanation:
- Interactive Learning Experience - virtual science lab, language lesson, etc;
- Creative Assistant - music composition assistance, story idea generator, etc;
- Experimental Entertainment - interactive story, Role Playing Games, etc;
- Freestyle - any project that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above.

Example answer:
Creative Assistant - Poetry Composition Assistant
So every time I ask that chatbot, I will only get a title of an app that I can create with Partyrock. Using this only, actually I can create my app easily. This is the example:

When I put this "Creative Assistant - Recipe Generator" into the Partyrock app generator, this is what I get:
But let's say I want to create a widget, I can also create a chatbot within Partyrock app to list what widget I should put, like this:
Using that description, you can get an idea on what widget you should put inside your app. You can try this here https://partyrock.aws/u/koisose/xLCqvoHGH/Partyrock-creator-app. This is the demo of my full app.
Describe how your project can positively affect your target community. Discuss the potential benefits, envisioned real-world application, and any plans for encouraging adoption
My app is an app idea for people who have no idea what to create with Partyrock. This is for a complete newbie. I think with my app they can get an idea on what to create on Partyrock, and continue from there so they don't need to start from scratch.
Outline how you would have developed your application using Amazon Bedrock if PartyRock wasn't available. Discuss architectural considerations, model selection, and integration of additional tools or services
Partyrock for me is an easy to use service, and with Bedrock the idea is now limitless. What I think if I get access to Bedrock is for sure I will create a more fine-tuned AI model. For example, I can create a model which can take an input and create a Lego model, and with that model I can ask in a chatbot with other models not available in Partyrock now, which also connected to external sources on where I can get all those parts to make that Lego model. So that is my idea if Partyrock wasn't available. Partyrock is good for newbies, but for more advanced use cases, I think Bedrock is much more suitable.