Say Hello to EcoChef!

Say Hello to EcoChef!

Chef loves to save produce and meat from going bad, especially that bag of leafy greens you pushed to the back of the fridge!

Published Feb 18, 2024

Why did you make this?

I hated throwing away food that I had purchased from the grocery store, mostly lettuce, soft veggies and meats. I'd either forget to use them all together or not be able to come up with anything to use them in. Speaking to friends and finding various online forums, I noticed that I wasn't the only one and that me and others were not fully utilizing what we purchased from our weekly grocery haul. After learning about how versatile and powerful AWS PartyRock is, I wanted to create something that would come up with creative recipes for my expiring ingredients!

What does it do? What are the featuers?

EcoChef will analyze all of the ingredients you have that are going bad, go over your preferences and any allergens if you have any, it will then create a yummy recipe and also generate an image - making you feel like you're on a professional recipe website! One thing that I added that does not have any impact on the LLM is an area to make notes, scribble down ideas and/or write down your shopping list.

How will this impact and benefit the community?

Currently food wastage plays a significant impact on our environment today, producing more than we need leads to higher emissions from the farm all the way to the table. While food wastage at home may be a smaller percentage, food wastage by chain restaurants and other food and beverage operators have grown quite high, with many videos on platforms such as X and TikTok where employees display to their viewers the amount that goes into the bin, really gives us an insight about how much work we have ahead of us.
While my idea would only help a small percentage of households, I believe this is the first step in combating the amount we purchase and making sure everything is fully used. I would love to scale this application more once I get more time and understanding of how to better utilize PartyRock.
I envision that my application will help a good majority of individuals to save their expiring produce and be able to salvage a tasty and nutritious meal without having to spend too much. I believe that this application will make people more conscious about their food purchase habits and will allow them to save more money. I believe that my application will also teach people about ways that they can use up different ingredients that they've never tried (i.e. different types of beans, rice, vegetables, fruit etc) ensuring that it doesn't go in the bin!

Closing Remarks

Thank you for going over my blogpost, I appreciate you going over my project and would love to hear your thoughts and how you'd improve my application.
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