Party Rock Image Style Preset Tester

Party Rock Image Style Preset Tester

A convenient one stop shop to see all the image preset styles supported by the Party Rock/Amazon Bedrock image generator service.

Published Feb 5, 2024
Image Style Tester
This app makes it easy to see all the different style presets the Party Rock image generator widget supports via the Stable Diffusion XL engine in one convenient place. The Party Rock image generator widget has at this time 17 distinct different style presets to help you create images in your favorite art style. Here is a list of the supported styles:
  1. 3d model
  2. Analog file
  3. Anime
  4. Cinematic
  5. Comic book
  6. Digital art
  7. Enhance
  8. Fantasy Art
  9. Isometric
  10. Line art
  11. Low poly
  12. Modeling compound
  13. Neon punk
  14. Origami
  15. Photographic
  16. Pixel Art
  17. Tile texture
This app has a widget for each of these styles. It also has a top level row with three widgets that do not use a style preset, but each widget uses a starkly different CFG setting from the widget "Advanced settings" dialog box. The CFG (classifier-free guidance) scale determines how closely the generated image adheres to the prompt. Higher CFG values result in images that match the prompt more precisely. SDXL models tend to produce optimal results with CFG values ranging from 4-12. You can think of the CFG value as a "creativity" setting, but with lower values increasing the creativity and higher values decreasing it.
The first widget in this row shows you what the image will look like with a low CFG value so the image content will stray significantly from your image prompt. The second widget in this row uses a medium CFG value so the image content will be a nice blend of what your prompt describes but with a fun mix of unexpected elements or styling included. The third widget uses a high CFG value so it will stick close to your image prompt with a minimum of spurious content or styling.
Note, all the style preset widgets in the following rows all use a CFG value of 10, the recommended default value for an image generator widget. Feel free to remix the app and then change any of the CFG values or other settings to your favorite value(s).
Community Impact
This app is both for Party Rock app builders and app users. App users can have lots of fun generating images while easily trying out different styles or CFG levels to generate the perfect image. Builders can use the app to explore the various style presets and figure out the styles and CFG values they want to use in the Party Rock app they are developing, while simultaneously teaching them the relationship between these two settings and their relationship to the output they get from a particular image prompt.
Suggested Feature
I would like to see a checkbox for the text and image generator widgets in the settings dialog so that if checked, the widget will wait until the user clicks a button on them before making the image request to the Amazon Bedrock image generation API. I created an image style preset tester with one widget for each style, and when the user inputs an image prompt, most of the widgets show a "too many requests" error because of the barrage of generation requests that occur simultaneously. Right now, the user has to see those errors and then hit the "Retry" button on each widget that displays an image in a desired style.