The art of being a builder: Hands on with Jeff Barr | S03 E03 | Build On Weekly

Amazing Jeff Barr is sharing amazing stuff he has built!!

Rohini Gaonkar
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 9, 2024
Darko, Jeff and Rohini having fun on the live twitch show
On this episode we have the amazing Jeff Barr, Vice President & Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services.
Jeff showcased some of the amazing stuff he has built! This episode is one for the memories!
One of the most compelling takeaways is the message to professionals at every level: the importance of staying hands-on.
In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, Jeff's approach underscores the value of continuous learning and staying directly engaged with the technology. His passion for building and exploring new technologies is a powerful reminder of what drives progress.
We had Jeff teach us live how to code with a 3D printer for clothes, using OpenSCAD.
Jeff live coding with OpenSCAD
Jeff live coding with OpenSCAD
To Jeff Barr, thank you for sharing your time, your projects, and your insights with us. Your presence on our show not only made it a memorable episode but also set a high bar for what our audience can expect: inspiration, innovation, and insight.
Make sure to check out the full stream recording, if you are looking to get inspired and learn a bit about:
  • Why we build? 🏗️
  • How we approach problems? 🤔
  • What is this thing that drives us all? 🚀
  • 3D Printers and just enjoying building things 🖨️
  • Building a trash can alert in rust 🗑️

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