Becoming AWSome w/ Jim Kim, Sr. Manager Product Acceleration Team

Becoming AWSome w/ Jim Kim, Sr. Manager Product Acceleration Team

Discussing innovation within the EdTech & GovTech space, open role focused on AI, Nintendo Wii & Love!

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 6, 2024
Last Modified Mar 13, 2024
In this episode of AWS Podcast "Becoming AWSome," hosts Ray Thomas and Jenna Lass had the opportunity to chat with Jim Kim, Sr. Manager from AWS's Product Acceleration team, focusing on EdTech and GovTech customers 🚀.

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Show Notes

The episode began with a personal touch, discussing Jim's background and interests, including his love for playing Wii 🎮 and his journey from higher education into the tech industry 🏫➡️💻. Jim spoke about his role at AWS, highlighting how his team aids EdTech & GovTech software companies in leveraging AWS services for growth and innovation 📚🌐.
The conversation then shifted to the specifics of a Senior AI/ML advisor role open in Jim's team 🤖. Jim emphasized the unique opportunity at AWS to work with leading EdTech companies built on AWS, developing groundbreaking solutions in education through responsible and innovative applications of generative AI and machine learning 🌟. He outlined the significance of this role in shaping the future of education technology and the impact it can have on the learning experience 📈.
Click on this link to learn more about the open role for: Senior Business Development Advisor, AI/ML, EdTech/GovTech Product Acceleration
Jim's desired qualities in a candidate include:
  • Expertise in AI/ML and Generative AI: Hands-on experience and a deep understanding of these technologies 🧠.
  • Understanding of the Education Market: Insights into the nuances and specific needs of the education sector 🏫.
  • Knowledge of Product Development Processes: Ability to guide a product from conception to market, prioritizing effectively 🛠️.
Reasons for a passive candidate to consider this role:
  • Influence in a Leading Sector: Opportunity to work with top-tier EdTech companies and drive significant change 🌍.
  • Innovative and Responsible AI Application: A chance to be at the forefront of applying AI in education responsibly 🤖📚.
  • Impact and Scale: Ability to make large-scale impacts in the education industry through AWS's extensive reach and resources 💥.
  • Growth and Learning Opportunities: AWS offers immense scope for professional development in a fast-evolving tech landscape 📈.
  • Mission-Driven Work: The role combines technological innovation with the mission to improve educational experiences globally 🌟.

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