PartyRock: Let the AIdventure Begin!

PartyRock: Let the AIdventure Begin!

How I used AWS' Party Rock to create the ultimate tool for any aspiring D&D Dungeon Master!

Published Feb 9, 2024

The DND Adventure Companion

Welcome adventurers! This entry in my quest log is using AWS' PartyRock to build an app that I can use when I run a game for my wife and friend.
They were both brand new to Dungeons and Dragons, and I was new to 'DM'ing, so when I heard about this hackathon challenge to build an app, and the ability to even build an app became within my reach, it brought to mind the most consistent advice for development: Find a need, and see if you can build to fill that need.
That brings us to some key questions:
  • As a brand-new DM, what were my needs?
  • Did I feel that those needs were mine alone, or could other new DMs find value in what I was building?
  • Were these needs able to be filled by an AI app?
Ultimately, I felt that the community of D&D could use an app like this, and that there would be value. Walk this journey with me, and let me know if you feel the same!

NPC Generator tool with description and image of generated NPC
Need a new NPC? Want to have conversations with them?

The community of pencil and paper RPGs is one that seems like it has a high barrier of entry. I've heard from so many people "I'd love to try it, but I don't know how to do any of that!". This app seeks to provide a way to lower that barrier.
There's no purchasing of manuals, reference cards, etc. For those just starting out, especially as a Dungeon Master, this app and the tools within can remove that burden, shorten set up or pause times, and allow friends to just come together and have a fun time in the world that the DM wants to create.
While these tools may not be of use to an experienced DM, I feel they could be invaluable to a fresh DM. Allowing the players freedom to explore the world you've created without worrying about them going "out of bounds" will allow play sessions to be more enjoyable for all parties involved. The ability to have an AI DM by your side to help you with creatures and rules will keep the adventure moving without having to stop and look up something from a manual. Forgot what a spell does? No problem, ask ChatDM!
screenshot of virtual DM answering questions and creating dynamic quests
ChatDM, your virtual Dungeon Master assistant!

Get the word out!

So how do we get the word out? Word of mouth and link sharing is going to be the primary transmission method of course, but with the rise of "Live session streaming", potentially showing the app in use during a gaming session could really show its value and encourage others to try it out. For those that run their sessions virtually, it can provide just as much value without having multiple tabs or windows open. I plan on using this right away at my next session, and I hope that others try it too, and let me know how it works for them!
The app can be found here!
As always, I thank you for taking the time for reading this post, and I'll see you next time!