My journey of certifications in AWS

If you are thinking of giving the certification exams, please do so. It is extremely important to understand the end goal when you are investing so much time and energy into certifications.You want to gain a complete understanding of the cloud concepts if you are taking the cloud certifications, you would like to implement them hands on when given a chance.Jump into preparation right away! It can take 1–3–6 months of preparation when you have decided on the certification that you want to focus on.

Published Feb 9, 2024
Lots of practice will help you get through this.
For AWS Solution Architect Associate (SAA-C03) it is important to have used the AWS environment for 1–2 years before attempting the exam.
Key concepts to know
  1. AWS Lambda
  2. AWS S3
  3. EC2 — Elastic Compute Cloud
  4. Networking concepts — Subnets, communication, transit gateway
  5. AWS Databases -Dynamo DB, Redis
  6. AWS queues — Simple Queue Service, SQS, Simple notification Service, SNS Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Firehose
  7. AWS ECR, — Elastic Container Registry, EKS, Elastic Kubernetes Service
  8. AWS Security — AWS Secrets Manager, AWS KMS
  9. API gateway
  10. AI/ML services, AWS recognition, AWs Sagemaker
Complete the practice exams at least 2–3 times before the exam. Make sure you pass the practice exams.
It requires perseverance to get through the tests, you can do it if you focus on it completely.
Keep your notes handy when you go through each section.
The course on udemy by Stephane Maarek
Never give up!
Practice, practice, Practice!! Use the practice exams to get through with flying colors!! Good luck in your journey!
Sleep well before the day of the exam! You can remember better when you are rested!