Real time analytics with Amazon Redshift | S0205 | Lets Talk About Data Show

Real time analytics with Amazon Redshift | S0205 | Lets Talk About Data Show

In this show Semir would be talking about real time analytics with Redshift , Zero- ETL , DMS , Streaming ingestion . <<more details to follow>>

Tony Mullen
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 22, 2024
In this show host Tony Mullen talks to guests Lydia Ray and Semir Naffati about real-time analytics with Amazon Redshift.
They discuss how businesses are demanding more real-time insights to make decisions instead of traditional daily/weekly batch reports. The rise of streaming data sources like mobile apps, IoT devices, etc. is also driving the need for real-time analytics. They explain how data lakes store vast amounts of raw streaming data that can feed real-time analysis, and how Redshift’s features like materialized views, spectrum, and streaming ingestion support real-time analytics. An example customer story is provided of using Redshift + streaming for real-time financial risk analysis.
Key highlights:
  • Growing business demand for real-time data insights to drive decisions
  • Streaming sources generating continuous real-time data
  • Data lakes storing raw streaming data for analysis
  • Redshift capabilities enabling real-time analytics
  • Customer example of real-time analytics with Redshift
  • Demos showing real-time data integration from S3, MySQL database, Kinesis streams into Redshift
  • Using dbt to manage ETL pipelines that process real-time data
Check out the recording here:

Hosts of the show 🎤

Tony Mullen - Senior RDS Specialist Solutions Architect @ AWS

Guests 🎤

Lydia Ray - Senior Analytics Solutions Architect @ AWS
Semir Nafati - Senior Specialist Solutions Architect Analytics @ AWS

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