DJ-Feelz: Groove Generator

DJ-Feelz: Groove Generator

A Partyrock-Hackathon Groove AI

Published Feb 15, 2024
PARTY ON!: DJ-Feelz rocks your party playlist creation(It's Easy)
Hey music lovers and hackathon champs! I built Dj-feelz, a party app that helps turns users to DJs to whip up awesome playlists for any event, during the #partyrock-hackathon. This blog post is my jam on the project and its potential to rock the world (and your next party!).
Try it here: https://partyrock.aws/u/coderhema/E84B4JyPk/DJ-Feelz
From Idea to Community Groove Machine:
Imagine struggling to pick the perfect party tunes. No more! Dj-feelz is more than just a playlist maker; it's a DJ Assistant where you can:
Craft Killer Playlists: Get smart suggestions based on the vibe you want, learn from pro DJs, and share your own mixes.
Create the right shuffle and transition sounds at the go!
Rock Any Party: Weddings, birthdays, clubs – Dj-feelz helps you create the perfect soundtrack for any occasion.
Spreading the Party Love:
https://youtu.be/wO6hOdVae1c?si=TLagPiFfxn8ZvlmY(video of use)
Want Dj-feelz to be your go-to DJ tool? Here's the plan:
Mobile App Magic: Imagine managing playlists and connecting with the community on the go – that's the mobile app coming soon!
DJ Tech Teamwork: Dj-feelz will play nice with your favorite DJ tools and services, making it an essential part of your DJ flow (imagine customised DJ catchphrases in your own voice) 😎
Plugins for Discord and Community Softwares
Music Magic: Imagine using super-smart models to create music and understand different genres – that's the "Feelzy" way also having creative power to compose your own cover of a song!
AWS Cloud Power: Imagine remixing your music playlist with others, managing data, and delivering it all over the world – that's the power of the AWS cloud behind Dj-feelz!
Join the PartyRock Movement!
Dj-feelz is just the beginning. Let's empower the DJ in you, build a vibrant community, and use tech to make every event a musical masterpiece. Share your feedback, your music, and your passion for DJing. Let's rock the world, one playlist at a time!
To try it Click here: https://partyrock.aws/u/coderhema/E84B4JyPk/DJ-Feelz