AWS PartyRock - Create an AI assistant to achieve your weight goal with a nutritious menu

AWS PartyRock - Create an AI assistant to achieve your weight goal with a nutritious menu

The application is able to provides consultancy on the menu of two main dishes, which you should have in a day to help you achieve your weight goal based on your gender, current weight, target weight, and expected timeline.

Published Feb 15, 2024
Last Modified Feb 16, 2024


The application is built with combinations of prompt engineering techniques and fine-tuning model such as Claude (text generation) and Stable Diffusion XL (image generation) facilitated by AWS PartyRock to able to explain how to achieve your diet plans in an easily understandable human conversation and beautiful images.

How to use

To use the application, you must declare the 4 following inputs: currentWeight, targetWeight, gender, and timeframe.
Input Declaration Example
Then, we can interpret the results displayed in the following sections:
Menu of two dishes

Community Impacts

  • Potential Benefits: Every person, who wants to lose/gain weights, can quickly access to the application to have a reliable advice to achieve their goal without spending time to do tedious research or seeking a trustable personal trainer.
  • Real-world applications: The idea of application can be acquired by retail stores/supermarkets (e.g. HelloFresh), creating chatbots to suggest appropriate ingredients for the menu that is introduced to their customers to achieve their weight goals.
  • Plans for encouraging adoption: The application should be integrated with existing chat system of food retailers. And, the application should be enriched with knowledge of more menu tailored for different tastes/allergies.


Application Demo: https://partyrock.aws/u/minh1305/xJVbRcB8d/NutriPlan/snapshot/UhCAMdGzn