Mathematics Rediscovered

Mathematics Rediscovered

With fun this time!

Published Feb 19, 2024

What is this?

Learning math is hard. We're here to help you out! Mathematics Rediscovered is an interactive mathematics learning app, all about fun and discovery.


This app utilizes all possible widgets in PartyRock. Chatbots, image generation, text generation; you want it? We got it!

What makes our app different?

We've created our app with intent. Everything has been thought out. Not just the product itself, but the text we've provided, and how we've formatted it.
PartyRock is a new platform. There are still a few UX tweaks that should be made, and we've targeted just that. Notably, widgets by default span the entire page, left to right. Our app is text-heavy, and users have to read through quite a bit of text. If we kept the widgets in their default size, it would be a real nightmare to read our produced wall of text. Thus, we've purposely formatted the widgets within our app to comply with textbox width UX laws, similar to the webpages of news outlets.
We also recognize that LLMs outputting text may not always be 100% correct. As an education app, we've chosen to build our product around this. The last thing we want is to educate willing students with the wrong thing. That's where the "fun" aspect comes in!
Mathematics Rediscovered is more about passion-rejuvenating, rather than strict education. It's easy to get stuck in a place where seeing light at the end of the tunnel is impossible. We want mathematics students to continue to have a good time learning about their respective fields.

Community Impact

We envision this as a starting vehicle to help undergraduate students to learn mathematics. Currently, actual mathematical computation is not something LLMs are great at. Text output will come out confident, but the math itself is often wrong. However, we have also built around this. We've used LLMs for its true job purpose: processing language and giving out the best possible response.
Sometimes in the math world, students have to ask increasingly niche questions. Sometimes, it's hard to parse through all the Google answers that aren't so correct! Mathematics Rediscovered helps out with this aspect greatly.
Featuring a chatbot to talk back and forth with the user, this app can answer as many math questions as their heart desires. We want to dive deep and truly explain why math is the way it is.

How do I try it out?

Try it out on PartyRock, here!
Header image from iStock.com/virtualphoto.