Career Canvas: Shape Your Career

Career Canvas: Shape Your Career

Empowering career growth through personalized guidance and tailored recommendations with our AI model.

Published Feb 17, 2024
Have you ever thought of having an platform where you can find all the resources and be interview ready for a job you have been looking for ?
Let me introduce to you Career Canvas an AI model that will help you prepare completely for your job from resume to interview, this AI model is designed in such a way that you need not waste your time on various platform to prepare for the job.
Motive to create this AI model was , as we know that many time developers waste their precious time to search through various websites to find resources , top interview questions , roadmaps , to check whether their resume is ATS friendly , improvements required in resume , companies that hire for the specific role and for interview preparation. so to solve this problem i have created an ai model named career canvas.
let me list down the main features that comes with this amazing AI model:
  1. job openings: In the current job market , we know how hard it is to find a job and sometimes we miss out on opportunities because we missed to keep a track on the opportunity. but worry no more career canvas comes with a special feature where you can keep track of all the company that hire for the specific job role you want with the link to their career page at a single place so that you don't have to spend your valuable time to surf through various website to keep track of the companies that hire for the specific job role.
  2. Roadmaps: It provides roadmaps for you to prepare for the job role you want.
  3. Resources: It provides you the best resources available to refer while preparing for the job role you want.
  4. Top interview questions: This is one of the main feature of this AI model where you can find the all the frequently asked questions by various companies so that you are interview ready.
  5. An Interviewer: Let me introduce you to the most important feature of this AI model a live interviewer. it is an AI chatbot that acts an live interviewer which is going interview you as a live interviewer and ask you questions and prepare you for the interview . so that you can feel confident and be prepared for the real interview.
  6. Resume checker: yes how can we forget the most important part of the hiring that is resume. i would like to introduce you to AI based resume checker in which you copy paste your resume and the AI model gives your resume the ATS score and tips to improve your resume based on job role you want to apply. so that you can improve your resume if needed before applying for the job role.


So to Conclude, career canvas is a time saving ,helpful and innovative AI model that helps you prepare for the interview in the best possible way and be a helpful hand in your journey to get the job you want.

Here are the important links:

Link to the AI application: https://partyrock.aws/u/krishna-idnani/Ggzp_TXll/Career-Canvas
Link to demo video: https://youtu.be/crA_5WcAB9Q