Becoming AWSome Featuring Swapnil Singh, Solution Architect, GovTech

Becoming AWSome Featuring Swapnil Singh, Solution Architect, GovTech

Women@Amazon affinity group and AWS Game Day!

Ray Thomas
Amazon Employee
Published Feb 20, 2024
Last Modified Mar 13, 2024
The AWS Twitch podcast "Becoming AWSome" 🌟 featured hosts Ray Thomas and Jenna Lass, with guest Swapnil Singh, a Solution Architect from the GovTech team. The episode delved into Swapnil's role at AWS, her advocacy for women in tech 👩‍💻, and her involvement in affinity groups at Amazon. A significant portion of the discussion centered on the concept of "Game Day," 🎮 an event designed to engage and challenge participants in technical scenarios using AWS services, aiming to foster networking 🌐, skill development 💡, and insight into working at AWS. Swapnil highlighted the importance of inclusivity and support networks within Amazon to promote women's advancement in technology fields.
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Key points from the episode include:

  • Inclusivity and Affinity Groups at Amazon:
    • Swapnil passionately discussed her advocacy for inclusivity in the tech industry, with a strong focus on elevating women's presence and success in technology roles 🚀. She highlighted her active participation and speaking roles in women in tech initiatives.
    • Swapnil detailed her involvement in Amazon's affinity groups, particularly those focused on women. She described these groups as vital support networks providing a range of resources aimed at women's professional development within AWS and the broader tech community 🌍.
    • These affinity groups at Amazon facilitate mentorship opportunities, where women can find guidance, advice, and support from more experienced professionals. Swapnil underscored the significance of mentorship in career growth and navigating the challenges within the tech industry 📈.
    • Networking opportunities within these groups were highlighted as a critical component for women in tech. Swapnil pointed out that these networks allow for the sharing of experiences, strategies for overcoming workplace challenges, and fostering a sense of community among women in AWS and the tech sector at large 🤝.
    • The role of these groups in promoting career advancement for women was also discussed. Swapnil mentioned how they organize events, workshops, and discussions focused on skill development, leadership, and technical expertise to prepare women for higher roles within AWS and the tech industry 🛠️.
  • Game Day (00:14:02 time stamp):
    • "Game Day" was introduced as a unique, interactive event designed by AWS to engage participants, especially women, in solving real-world technical challenges using AWS services. Swapnil described it as a practical, hands-on experience that mirrors the type of work AWS professionals engage in 🌐.
    • The structure of Game Day involves participants working in teams to tackle a series of technical problems, promoting collaboration, problem-solving, and the practical application of AWS services. Swapnil emphasized the event's role in enhancing technical skills and AWS service knowledge 🔧.
    • Objectives of Game Day include providing a platform for participants to showcase their technical skills in a competitive yet supportive environment, learning new AWS technologies, and gaining insights into solving practical problems with cloud services 💻.
    • Swapnil shared the positive feedback received from previous Game Day participants. Attendees appreciated the opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world context, the sense of accomplishment from solving complex challenges, and the chance to network with other tech professionals and AWS team members 👍.
    • The event also serves as a recruitment tool for AWS, allowing the company to identify talented individuals who excel in a collaborative, high-pressure environment. Swapnil noted that Game Day is part of AWS's broader efforts to attract a diverse workforce and support women in building successful careers in cloud computing and tech 🌈.
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