Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears

New party-style trading card game where you and your friends are the main characters!

Published Feb 19, 2024

Put yourself in a game with A.I.!

Engage in an exhilarating party-style trading card game where you and your friends become the protagonists! Harness the power of generative A.I. to craft a unique card deck, transforming yourselves into formidable characters with distinct attacks and abilities.
The intriguing twist lies in the bosses, each inspired by real-world fears submitted by you and your friends. Through the power of A.I., these fears are ingeniously transformed into formidable foes. Collaborate to conquer these bosses, and the one who emerges victorious by first defeating five bosses will be crowned the ultimate champion!
Allow A.I. to orchestrate the game's intricacies, meticulously determining attack levels, crafting intricate character descriptions and images, and devising intriguing boss abilities. Immerse yourselves in an extraordinary gaming experience where imagination meets strategic gameplay!
Number of players: 5+
Components needed: Character Card Deck and Boss Card Deck (both A.I. generated)
Follow these main steps to play Face Your Fears:
  • Create Components
    1. Create Character Card deck with A.I.
    2. Create Boss Card deck with A.I.
    3. Print your cards
  • Setup the game
  • Play the game!

Create Components

Step 1: Create Character deck with A.I.
  1. Visit the Trading Card Generator page.
  2. Enter your name and a brief description of yourself. The A.I. will generate 4 characters card for you at different rarity levels.
  3. Ask your friends to complete steps 1 and 2 and send their results to you.
Step 2: Create Boss Card deck with A.I.
  1. Visit the Boss Card Generator page.
  2. List your four top fears. The A.I. will generate a boss card for each fear.
  3. Ask your friends to complete steps 1 and 2 and send their results to you.
    • It's best if each player completes this step on their own to personalize the game for your group.
Step 3: Print your cards
  1. Print all boss cards.
  2. Print all character cards.
    • To play the game, you will need the following number of cards for each rarity level per player:
      1. Common: 9 cards
      2. Uncommon: 6 cards
      3. Rare: 4 cards
      4. Mythic: 1 card
  3. Several online resources exist for making cards, such as The Game Crafter. You can also print the website as a PDF and cut out the widgets to make cards.
    • Five players will have the following:
      1. A character card deck with 100 cards, total, and
      2. A boss card deck with 20 boss cards.

Setup the Game

  1. Choose one person to be the dealer.
  2. The dealer shuffles the player card deck and deals each player, including themselves, 7 cards.
  3. Place the remaining deck face down in the middle of the playing surface.
  4. The dealer shuffles the boss deck and places the top boss card face up in the middle of the playing surface.
  5. The dealer puts the remaining boss cards to the side.
  6. Going counter clockwise, the player to the left of the dealer goes first.

Play the Game!

Object of the game: Be the first to defeat 5 bosses. Each turn, build your hand so that the total attack points are more than the defense score of the boss. Once your hand's attack score is high enough, play your hand to defeat the boss!
  1. When it's your turn, you have two options:
    • Draw a card from the top card from either the character card deck or discard pile and then choose one card from your hand to add face up to the discard pile. Do this to try and increase your hand's score.
    • Play your entire hand to defeat the boss. You defeat a boss when your hand's total attack score is more than the boss's defense score.
  2. There's a twist to defeat a boss faster! The attack score from character cards from the player who originally created the boss is worth double!
    • You won't know which bosses are from which players. You will have to guess who created what bosses based on what you know (or don't know) about your friends.
    • Other players are allowed to pretend they created the boss to trick you into playing your hand.
    • If you play your hand to defeat the boss but your hand's attack is too low and does not defeat the boss, you lose and are out from the rest of the hand.
  3. Keep going counter clockwise until someone defeats a boss. Once they defeat a boss, they collect that boss from the middle and a new hand begins.
  4. Whoever defeats five bosses first wins!
Example playing surface with 5 players