An innovative and fun GenAI hackathon

An innovative and fun GenAI hackathon

PartyRock by AWS

Published Feb 20, 2024
At the AWS GenAI PartyRock Hackathon, I jumped into the world of Generative AI and made Playlist Pal, a cool tool for people who love music from different times. As someone who loves music, I know how hard it can be to make the perfect playlist for a specific era when there's so much music out there. But with Playlist Pal, that's not a problem anymore.
Playlist Pal makes it easy to create playlists that match your music taste and what you enjoy. You can find new songs and check out different types of music that you might not have known about before. Plus, there's a fun trivia feature that tells you interesting things about how different kinds of music have changed over time, making listening to music a fun way to learn.
PartyRock - Playlist Pal
Not only is Playlist Pal great for personal use, but it can also be helpful in other ways. It could assist music therapists in making playlists that are just right for their patients, making therapy sessions more effective. Teachers could also use it to teach students about the history and theory of music. And businesses like stores and hotels could use it to make their spaces more enjoyable for customers.
With Playlist Pal, finding the perfect playlist isn't just something you have to do—it's a fun journey through music history that makes life richer and helps us love music even more.
The hackathon was a great learning experience for me. I got to learn about AI models like Anthropic Claude and the Jurassic model, and I also explored more about the Copilot Designer. Creating this project was a lot of fun. Also, don't forget to check out my other apps on PartyRock | Jewelous ; PartyRock | Keyword Genius