Build an Ai Top Hotels Finder App With AWS PartyRock

Build an Ai Top Hotels Finder App With AWS PartyRock

PartyRock is an Amazon Bedrock hands-on, generative AI app-building playground. In just a few steps, We can create a variety of apps with generative AI.

Published Feb 21, 2024
Last Modified Feb 27, 2024
In this case we build an app that will accept user input country and city then generate top 10 hotels . It will also have a chat assistance for additional information.
Step 1: Go to partyrock.aws and Sign In by using the button at the top right corner.
Step 2: Once you're signed in, click Build your own app. button You will see an App Builder popup screen then type the bellow prompt.
Prompt:This app will suggest Top 10 Best Hotels that aligns with the user's input country and city.
Step 3: Once you finish writing the prompt, click Generate App button. your app will be generated like this
Step 4: To Add a new Chat widget and adjust the size click on Edit button. then add chat widget enter bellow configuration and then save and exit
Widget title: Online Chat Assistance
Placeholder : Type here....
Prompt: Pretend you are an online Assistance. You answer questions based on user @country, @city @hotel-recommendations
The user will have a follow up conversation with you.
Step 5: Test your app by giving any country and city you like. The app will begin generating responses in the output widgets. you can also chat with the chat assistance for additional information.
Step 6: Publish, click Make Public and Share button. copy the link, and share it with others.
Congrats your app is now public!