PartyRock Leveraging Design Patterns Code Writing

PartyRock Leveraging Design Patterns Code Writing

This is the summary of the concept, idea, and birth of Design Patterns Guru, a Bedrock-powered interactive learning application

Published Feb 21, 2024


I believe that solving our problems and documenting the path taken to that end is a powerful force for the betterment of society and the world.
Selfish focus on your problems first is the first step to selflessness.
Believing in that, I try to become a better man and professional every day, and on this journey, my current professional career goal is intrinsically connected to AWS and what it can offer, thus becoming what I can offer my clients, friends, family, and the world.
Recently I have been struggling to become a better Python developer. Being a self-taught programmer in the first place, I carry almost all the bad habits of such kinds of learners due to the nature of my mistake-fix approach to learning how to code.

The Idea

Looking to overcome this gap I have studied the Design Patterns and how to apply them in my next coding endeavors (aka projects 😉). Needless to say, studying it drove me crazy on the first approach, but I am not a quitter, no way. My idea was to find some Generative AI that could help me build a few hands-on projects to leverage my knowledge of the most used Design Patterns.
That came to be at the same time I heard about Amazon PartyRock Hackathon. Brilliant! A mix of various current circumstances and opportunities that converge on a possible solution not only to my issue but who knows to many more. Programmers can add huge value to the world and companies but are unselected due to a lack of formal knowledge of standard coding patterns.


So was born the Design Patterns Guru, a generative-powered AI application built on top of Bedrock for the PartyRock Hackathon now shared with the world so that colleagues who are on this same boat may grow in their knowledge and coding skills.
The idea is that by inserting your code into the application, it will be analyzed by AI looking for applicable Design Patterns that may enrich and transform your code for the better. The Generative AI will also teach you why to use each specific Design Pattern, as well as prepare quiz questions, suggest training on each pattern, and even suggest improvements on other coding habits not connected to the Design Patterns. Hands-on projects are also a bonus that can deepen the knowledge you acquire.
The Interface
Design Pattern Guru
I hope you enjoy the story behind the making of this tool as well as the tool itself.