SEO Wizardry with PartyRock

SEO Wizardry with PartyRock

How does it do it!? AI Rules, PartyRock Rules

Published Feb 22, 2024
## I was inspired after doing hours of tech seo work on multiple sites, this just condensed google keyword, semrush, gpt, all in one..
## This takes a current URL, runs a site audit and provides a list of keywords, both onpage and a list of new possible keywords. You take one of those keywords to the next part that does keyword research on the topic, you then enter one of the competitor URLs into the third step which analyzes a top competitors site and keywords. The Summary will include analysis on both URLs and keywords. You can then ask it to create you a 2000 page blog post on it.
## This was built with Parky ROCK!
## I ran into no challenges other than being stressed and broke, a self employed father, without a degree
## I learned that the more you use AI, the better you get. I learned that ideas will pop into your head if you are in the zone.
## What's next for this GPT? Integrate social media apps to connect to and post to.
Go try it out !