AWS PartyRock : No Code, All Fun

AWS PartyRock : No Code, All Fun


Published Feb 23, 2024

AWS PartyRock

  • AWS PartyRock is a new service by AWS that allows users to create generative AI applications without coding.
  • AWS PartyRock is based on Amazon Bedrock.
  • Users can create a variety of apps to experiment with generative AI.
  • No coding knowledge is required to create and share applications.
  • New PartyRock users can get a free trial without providing credit card information or having an AWS account.

My AWS PartyRock App : AWS Service Whisperer

AWS PartyRock Demo Video

How to sign in to the AWS PartyRock platform and create a new application.

  • You can sign in through Google, Apple ID, or Amazon.
  • After signing in, you can create your own application.
  • The interface allows you to customize widgets and move them around to suit your needs.

How to use the AWS PartyRock application to generate explanations for AWS services.

  • The user inputs a service name, such as AWS S3 or AWS EC2, and receives a simple explanation about the service.
  • The user can customize the widget title and select different foundation modules.
  • The user can adjust the temperature and top P values to make the AI-generated explanations more creative or realistic.

AWS services : Pricing and use cases .

  • Pricing details include on-demand, reserved, spot, and dedicated instances.
  • There is a limited free tier available for new AWS accounts.
  • Real-time use cases for the AWS service are provided.
  • The section also mentions the RDS (Relational Database Service) and its use cases.

ChatBot : AWS Service Whisperer Bot

  • The chatbot feature is introduced and a chatbot named "AWS Service Whisperer Bot" is added.
  • The chatbot provides information about the Services in more details example : t2.micro instance type and its use cases
  • The chatbot can also compare the t2.micro instance type with other instance types like t2.large and m4.large

Make Your app public and shareable

  • The app can be made public and shared with others by clicking on the "make public and share" button.
  • Users can also copy the app and create their own version.

AWS Service Whisperer App