Amazon PartyRock Provides Time Savings in App Designs

Amazon PartyRock Provides Time Savings in App Designs

As a part of the DevPost hackathon for PartyRock, I was inspired to write Competition Victory Assistant (CVA) which allows users to interact with a chatbot about how to win competitions. Such an app would most likely not make sense to make without such a platform. Here's how I might have tried to do so with BedRock alone.

Published Feb 25, 2024
Last Modified Mar 1, 2024
What is Competition Victory Assistant?
It is designed to allow a user who wants to win a competition by providing strategies, 5 winning ideas, and a chatbot to discuss potential winning entries to the competition with.
What does PartyRock bring to the table?
PartyRock Uniquely brings two or more values to an LLM Prompt in a user-friendly GUI.
Alternative Development Scenario with Amazon Bedrock: What would it have taken to do this with Just Bedrock?
The API for Bedrock is straightforward but it seems it would have required at the very minimum a static javascript-powered webpage. The effort involved in doing this (CSS, HTML, and, of course, the JavaScript) is a several day task for a single person (I coded my own wedding website from scratch and it was no cakewalk!). And even if it were static, I presume the involvement of using API keys to get into Bedrock would require some sort of SSO or tracking which would probably mean that a static webpage is off the table. at that point the developer would be on the hook for Rust, or Python or goodness-knows-what. That would take this from a multi-day effort to a multi-week effort.
And publishing changes without downtime? What, are we going to start using Blue-green deployment? Microservices? Kubernetes? Multi-week just became a month or two.
In terms of a turnkey easy solution with basically full access to Bedrock, PartyRock is dead simple. It probably took me two days to be happy with my basic layout and a few extra days of prompt engineering. I got to focus on the fun stuff (prompt engineering to help the customer Win!) and not the hard stuff (GUI, deployment, ...)