A challenge for A.I

A challenge for A.I

challenge the A.I using this Gen AI app

Published Feb 26, 2024
Challenge the AI!
Uncover AI's blind spots by feeding it scrambled sentences.
Let's dive into the realm of AI challenges to unlock its learning potential! Here's how it works:
  1. You provide a word of your choice.
  2. Sit back and watch as AI generates a concise sentence.
  3. The AI constructs a language token matrix based on the word's attributes.
  4. It then rearranges the matrix, sorting from high to low from the first digit in each row of the matrix.
  • now the A.I will have to figure out what was the original sentence from deciphering the new altered matrix
  • I would like to see more challenges designed to push the boundaries of AI capabilities. Challenges like the one described can greatly enhance AI learning processes by providing clear guidelines on what actions to take and what to avoid. For instance, in this specific challenge, an AI could be tasked with learning to recognize alterations made to a language token matrix, shifting from a high to a low level. By encountering and deciphering such alterations through user input corrections, the AI gradually improves its ability to predict the original sentence content more accurately. However, it's worth noting that achieving perfection in this task might be hindered by the variability of different sentences utilizing similar word combinations.