The Interview Gym - My attempt at AWS PartyRock Hackathon

The Interview Gym - My attempt at AWS PartyRock Hackathon

Prepare for your next technical interview with the help of AI

Published Mar 4, 2024

Landing your dream job just got easier with The Interview Gym, your one-stop shop for interview preparation. This innovative application takes the guesswork out of interview prep by analyzing your target job description and generating a personalized workout routine.

Here's how it works:
  • Input your job details: Simply provide the job title and description, and The Interview Gym gets to work.
  • Keyword extraction: The app identifies key skills and technologies mentioned in the description, forming the foundation for your preparation.
  • Technical question generation: Based on the extracted keywords, The Interview Gym generates relevant technical questions you might encounter during the interview.
  • Interactive learning: Don't have a grasp on a specific topic? The built-in chatbot allows you to delve deeper and gain clearer understanding of the concepts you need to know.
The Interview Gym empowers you to:
  • Target your preparation: Focus on the specific skills and knowledge relevant to the position you're applying for.
  • Practice your problem-solving: Answer a variety of technical questions, sharpening your analytical and coding skills.
  • Gain clarity: Utilize the chatbot to clarify any doubts or get in-depth explanations on complex topics.
With The Interview Gym, you can step into your next interview feeling confident and prepared to ace any technical challenge. So, step into the gym, get your interview muscles pumping, and land the job of your dreams! Find out more here: