Labster - AI Virtual Science Lab Assistant

Labster - AI Virtual Science Lab Assistant

Experience building with PartyRock

Published Feb 29, 2024
Last Modified Mar 14, 2024
What is PartyRock?
PartyRock is a generative playground from AWS. It's a code-free application builder that integrates quickly and easily with Amazon Bedrock. This allows users to pipe outputs to inputs and play with prompt engineering and other values to create generative AI applications with no previous experience required.
How to use PartyRock?
Sign up for this account: https://partyrock.aws/
Click on-> Build your Own App
And add your app name and click generate app
PartyRock Page

Step by Step Tutorial: https://youtu.be/LS4dwI952Pw
I have created an virtual science lab assistant called Labster where users can ask anything related to science questions for biology,chemistry, physics etc. Added features like one-liner definitions , brief discussions also added some Important features like experimental procedures, experimental equipment.
Some other features like data collections analysis tools and safety procedures for the labs. Added two types of Image visualizations like data and graphical user Interfaces to understand the topics.
More on this, I have spend to add more functions like feedbacks for the assessments, guided tour for this virtual lab.
There's a chat support for further discussions on this lab.
App Link: https://partyrock.aws/u/SDRoy/MY4-Q436m/Labster
Thank you for reading my article.Feel free to drop any queries.