How Party Rock AI can improve modern-day agriculture

How Party Rock AI can improve modern-day agriculture

I highlight how generative AI can help farmers increase their crop yields

Published Feb 29, 2024
Last Modified Mar 2, 2024
Agriculture has long been affected by environmental factors like climate change that has greatly affected weather patterns leaving many farmers clueless on when to plant hampering production greatly.
with generative AI solutions like Party Rock farmers can get the correct information on how to plant, water what types of fertilisers to use on their plants and also what types of soils fit what types of plants.
this information is available in seconds through Gen AI reducing the time a farmer will have to spend reading through documents trying to make decisions.

How rural Africa can benefit from generative AI

african farm
most of the farming happens in rural Africa and most of these towns are considered the breadbasket of nations. In my country Kenya, a town like Kitale in the Rift Valley province is the major producer of grain which is a staple food in Kenya.
farmers have however been greatly disadvantaged in recent years and most of them report the production output per acre has gone down considerably due to changes in the environment and lack of information on how to adapt.
generative AI can help these farmers make the right decisions on when to plant and what type of seeds will ensure the highest yields. With the use of IoT sensors that can measure soil PH, Humidity among other properties it will be easy for these farmers to get the best information on what type of crop varieties fit a particular season making their work easier.

What next with generative AI and agriculture

while at the moment to use generative AI you need access to an internet-enabled gadget this produces a lot of challenges, especially in rural areas where most people rely on small feature phones that are not internet-enabled.
it would be very transformative if feature phones can access generative AI services through the use of USSD which will benefit the rural population also who are in dire need of such services.
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