Solutions Architect Deep Dive Resources

Solutions Architect Deep Dive Resources

The resources I share with my classroom students to dive deeper into Architecting on AWS

Ted Trentler
Amazon Employee
Published Apr 2, 2024
Last Modified Apr 3, 2024
As a Technical Instructor at AWS I get get to spend a considerable amount of time with learners helping them get hands on in the classroom. After class, I send an email to my students that goes into more depth for many of the topics we introduce during the three day Architecting on AWS class.
I'm sharing this list of resources here in the hope that it helps with your study toward the Solutions Architect Exam. I'll continue to revise it over time.
Official Exam Guide - What's in scope for the exam? How many questions? All of that is answered here.


If you are brand new to the cloud there is a free 10 hour digital training course called Cloud Practitioner Essentials. Take the course and you should be ready to take the CPE foundational certification exam. These are the basics of the AWS cloud. A great intro to the AWS cloud for both technical people and business leaders. You also can also earn a Credly badge at the end of the course.

Important Learning Materials

Architecting Fundamentals

Account Security




Database Services

Monitoring and Scaling




Edge Services

Backup and Recovery

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Skill Builder Resources

Other Links
AWS Pricing Calculator https://calculator.aws - How much does a t3.xlarge instance with a 20GIB gp3 EBS volume cost per month in Oregon with on-demand pricing?
AWS Architectural Icons for PowerPoint That cool thing you built in the cloud - You're going to diagram it. Right!?

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