An LLM service that helps your development not to be lonely

Published Mar 2, 2024
Is there anyone who wants to work as a developer? Have you ever wanted to hear the opinions of people in other roles when working on a project alone or in a group of people?
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Devridge is a service built to address this need.
We would like to connect the bridge between you, the developer, and those in other roles.

We spent the most time on prompt engineering on this project.
We tried to solve the following problems.
  • The problem of presenting an opinion, even though it is a question that has nothing to do with a particular job
  • Problems presenting opinions that do not fit the context of the user's question
So, we did the task of setting some kind of constraint at the prompt of each job. Let's look at it with an example.The following four items are constraints created at the front-end developer prompt.
  1. When a user asks you a question, as a front-end developer, you need to give your opinion. Importantly, your answers should be contextualized for the user.
  2. suggest improvements to the UI/UX implementation, suggest performance optimizations, or provide tips to improve code quality and maintenance.
  3. If the question is beyond the scope of a front-end developer, say you're not sure.
  4. Don't provide technical, performance, or security feedback on anything other than front-end elements.
In order to prevent the problems described above, we used these constraints and confirmed that it worked the way we wanted it to.

As described above, we designed and developed Devridge with the following audiences in mind
  • Developers who want to get more opinions from different roles
  • Developers working on solo projects
Devridge can solve the pain points of these developers.
We hope that developers will use Devridge to realize more complete projects.
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